Interview RFI, 7 Sept 2015, CMI in Marseilles. Lebanon is Offering the World a Global Public Good.

03. Days before the sudden influx, monitors reported that people were arriving by bus and setting up makeshift camps on the Syrian side of the Peshkhabour border crossing. UNHCR / G.Gubaeva

Interviews with Ferid BELHAJ, Country Director for the Middle East at the World Bank; Alain BIFANI, Director General at the Lebanese Ministry of Finance; Amin AWAD, Director of Bureau for the Middle East and North Africa at UNHCR; and Olivier Ray, Head of the Crisis Prevention and Conflict Unit at the French Development Agency.

Interviews conducted in the context of the high level stakeholder conference on the Syrian refugee crisis “From Resilience to Development” jointly organized by the CMI, the World Bank, three United Nations agencies (UNHCR, UNDP, and UN-ESCWA) as well as the French Development Agency (AFD) and held on September 7th, 2015, at the Center for Mediterranean Integration in Marseille.