The intergovernmental group of 24, better known as the G-24, is a chapter of the G-77 that was created in 1971 to enable emerging countries to come together and discuss international monetary and development finance issues and to ensure that their interests are represented in international fiscal conferences.

Alain Bifani is Lebanon’s G-24 representative and has chaired deputy and minister meetings on various occasions, including in 2002, 2003, and 2014, 2015. He has also been involved in the G-24 bureau activity and has organized two technical group meetings in Beirut.

In 2015, in Washington DC, Bifani attended the G-20 meeting on behalf of the G-24 and addressed the International Money and Finance Committee and Development Committees, also on behalf of the Group of 24.

In the same year, Bifani chaired the group of 24 in Lima, Peru, for an unprecedented third term. The communique of the group focused on the global economy, global safety nets, the International Financial Institutions’ governance, and refugees.

New october 2015
Bifani gives his opening speech while chairing the G24 Ministers’ meeting in Lima, in October 2015.
New April
Chairman Bifani discussing privately with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde in Washington, before leading the G24 meeting in Washington DC, in April 2015.
G24 press conference 10 october 2014
G24 press conference, 10 October 2014
New 2003
G24 Chairman Alain Bifani discussing with international media at a press conference held in Washington DC in 2003. In the background is former Finance Minister Fuad Sanioura.