Alain Bifani’s Speech at World Bank’s President’s Closed Meeting with Arab Ministers

Madam Chair, President Kim,

As I mentioned yesterday, Lebanon is very appreciative of the World Bank efforts to assist the country weather the adverse effects of the Syria crisis. We appreciate the fact that you are standing by us despite our internal issues and travails. This shows that the Bank is an ally of Lebanon in good and bad times.

We have heard that you, Mr. President, Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Managing Director Lagarde are planning a regional tour early in 2016. We welcome the initiative and we believe that a visit to Lebanon by the three of you would be a tremendous boost to the country and indeed to the region. We have a lot to show in terms of what Lebanon is doing to manage and absorb the adverse impacts of the Syria crisis, in as smooth and no drama way as possible. We are a resilient country which needs strong help. And we count on you at the Bank and on our allies and partners to provide us with what is needed so we can keep providing the world with this global public good that is stability and steadiness in an immensely challenging environment. We also need to continue to secure Lebanon’s development needs that are challenged by the current situation and to increase the pace of delivery.

The Lebanese government is very appreciative of your efforts and friendship.

Thank you.

WB President Meeting with Arab Ministers